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My responsibilities

My Background

I graduated from Andrews University with a B. A. in Physics and an M.S. in Computer Science. I got an M.S. in Physics and a Ph.D. in Physics from Carnegie Mellon. For much of that time I was at Fermilab as a graduate student helping to build the SELEX experiment. For five years I was a research associate and systems manager in the High Energy Physics group of the University at Albany, State University of New York. Most of my work was on the CLEO experiment where I specialized in, and eventually led, the Charm Baryon physics group. I came to Fermilab in 2000.

At Fermilab for the first six years I was lead of the team of system administrators that managed the reconstruction farms for CDF, D0 and general purpose users. We worked on automated provisioning of multi-hundred node clusters, monitoring, and hardware and vendor evaluations.

For the next four years I was assistant group leader of the FermiGrid Services group and lead system administrator for the FermiGrid Services machines. I am officially a Compute Services Specialist because this work requires not only managing the hardware and operating systems of the computers but also managing a lot of authentication and authorization middleware and batch systems. I was appointed group leader in late 2010.

I have led the FermiCloud project since its inception. This project is meant to give us much more flexibility in managing our virtual machine infrastructure so that we can deploy different types of machines at the request of the user.

In late 2013 I became Associate Department head for Cloud Computing

In fall of 2014 I was named the lead of the Virtual Facilities Project, a new project which is meant to take much of the cloud work that we did on behalf of individual experiments and virtual organizations and integrate it more tightly into the main Fermilab computing facilities, making it transparent to users.

I am also a member of the long baseline neutrino experiment DUNE, in which I play a role in software infrastructure.

I am also the computing sector's liaison to the NUMI-X collaboration and to the Patriot project.

Talks I've given in recent years

Happy Puppies

Here's Ziggy, when he was a puppy in 2005

Here's Winston, our new puppy on go-home day in 2009.

Here's another picture of Winston.
Ziggy and Winston together.
Office: Feynman Computing Center #243 (facing the fountain/parking lot on 2nd floor) Phone: (630) 840-8525 Fax: (630) 840-3109

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