I received my PhD from the University of Michigan, advised by Prof. Timothy McKay. I also received extensive help from a few other faculties including Prof. Chris Miller.

I thought I would pursue condensed matter physics before graduate school. Attracted by computation and instruments, I had a try at cosmology and astrophysics. That test run turned into a PhD dissertaion entitled “Looking wider and further: The Evolution of Galaxies Inside Galaxy Clusters”. I had zero astronomy/astrophysics research experience before graduate school.

I got my B.S. from Zhejiang University, located in the beautiful historical city of Hangzhou, China. Depite having a physics major, my college education was administered by the interdisciplinary Chu Ko Chen Honors program. My undergraduate thesis focuses on the "Synthesis, Isolation and Magnetic Characterization of Sm@C84". It was awarded as a "Best 100 Undergraduate Thesis of Zhejiang University in 2010”.

I was orignially from the coastal province of Shandong, China.

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