Alexis A. Aguilar-Arevalo

I am an experimental particle physicist. My main interests are neutrino physics, direct dark matter searches, and tests of universality in weak interactions. I have experience in data analysis, data processing, Monte Carlo simulations, and particle physics detectors and their electronics. I regularly teach physics courses at Facultad de Ciencias and the physics graduate program (Posgrado en Ciencias Fisicas) at UNAM. I also supervise undergraduate and graduate student theses on the topics of my research.

Since January of 2009 I am working at the Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares of UNAM in Mexico City. From January to December of 2008 I worked on the PIENU experiment as a post-doc in the TRIUMF laboratory located in Vancouver B.C., Canada. From June of 2003 to December of 2007 I conducted my research at Fermilab as a graduate student with Columbia University working on the MiniBooNE experiment. I graduated on December 20 of 2007, and my Ph.D. degree was awarded by Columbia University on February of 2008.

Background ( full CV, abridged CV )

  • Ph.D from Columbia University. Thesis: "An Improved Neutrino Oscillations Analysis of the MiniBooNE Data"
  • Undergraduate and Masters degrees from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
  • Undergraduate Thesis: "Oscilaciones de neutrinos : el experimento DAR en LSND" (1999)
  • Publications

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  • TAUP 2017
  • Nu-LatAm Workshop 2016
  • PASCOS 2013
  • SILAFAE 2012
  • SILAFAE 2010
  • Neutrino'10 (sent poster)
  • TAUP'09
  • PASCOS'08
  • La Thuile 2008
  • FNAL Users' Meeting 2007
  • PANIC'05
  • Physics in Collision 2004
  • Contact Information:

    Mexico City:
    Departamento de Fisica de Altas Energias,
    Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares (ICN-UNAM),
    Circuito Exterior s/n, Ciudad Universitaria
    C.P. 04510, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
    Phone: ++(52-55) 5622-4669
    Fax: ++(52-55) 5622-4693
    Mail Stop 309, Wilson Hall 10th Floor,
    Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory,
    Box 500, Batavia IL, 60510
    Phone: (630) 840-2161