James Amundson

Head, Scientific Computing Division
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


I work at the intersection of computing and physics. My background is in theoretical physics; I received my Ph. D. in particle theory from the University of Chicago. I now lead the Scientific Computing Division at Fermilab. My technical work is in quantum computing, high performance computing and computational accelerator physics.

I have worked on all aspects of particle physics, including accelerators, experiments and theory.

Scientific Computing Division

I am the head of the Fermilab Scientific Computing Division. We provide computing services, software development and research in support of the scientific mission of Fermilab.

Quantum Computing

I am a part of the Quantum Science Program. My collaborators and I recently published a new algorithm for simulating fermion-boson interactions on quantum computers. See Digital quantum computation of fermion-boson interacting systems and Electron-Phonon Systems on a Universal Quantum Computer.

Computational Accelerator Physics

I am the head of the Synergia project. Synergia is an accelerator simulation framework for emphasizing collective effects. It is a hybrid C++/Python system that scales from laptops to 100,000+ core supercomputers.

Contact Me

email: amundson@fnal.gov

phone: +1 630 840-2430

physical mail:
P.O. Box 500
M.S. 234
Batavia, IL 60510



A downloadable version of my academic CV is available here. The embedded version follows.

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