Dark Energy Camera Design Workshop
Jan 22 2004

We will have a workshop on the DECam project tomorrow Jan. 22nd
starting at 10am at Sidet.
The goals of the camera part of the workshop are
1) review the design of the project and progress since December
2) review preliminary cost and schedule estimates of the various pieces of the
3) identify parts that are missing and make plans for gathering the information
4) plan for document assembly and review and next workshop (mid Feb?)

Morning - 10am-12:30  Sidet

10-10:30 Overview of options, choices, guiding, focus, schedule... Brenna
10:30-11 Corrector, Cage, Barrel, filters, shutters - French
11-11:30 Camera: cooling, N2 vs pulse tubes  - Del Allspach
11:30-12 CCDs, focal plane layout - William
12-12:30 Discussion

Lunch 12:30-1:30pm

Afternoon session 1:30-5pm

1:30-2 CCD Packaging - Jim Fast
2-2:30 CRIC chip - William
2:30-3 DA - Monsoon, with or without CRIC - John Thaler
3-3:30  Data management - Joe Mohr
3:30-4 Survey operations/calibration - Jim Annis
4-5 Discussion
Workshop dinner 6pm Triple Crown Seafood Restaurant (Chinese New Years)

Presentation materials.


Optics Data Aquisition Focal Plane Cage and Cage Systems