The Eagle's Child    Apr 7, 2016  D. Carrigan  ( - subject line must be sensible)

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Eagle Nebula

NASA - Pillars of Creation

Hubble, 1995, Hester & Paul

Nancy Jean Carrigan

  On seeing Internet pictures taken by the Hubble telescope of the birth of a star in the Eagle Nebula* 

I saw, with my astonished eyes

a story told in ancient light--

celestial birth in distant skies

as our Sun-star once took flight.

This nameless star, egg-like it grew

in dull galactic primal dust

until it left the womb as new

stars and poems always must.

Has it, like Sun, a circling globe

with sea-fish, bird, and dexterous ape

who'se built a clever eye to probe

our mysteries? Does her mind escape

  its bounds to ponder ancient light

  and move a poet's pen to write?

   copyright 1998  Nancy Jean Carrigan (used by permission)