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~1950    Fermi Paradox

1959    Cocconi and Morrison - interstellar radio communication is practical

1959-1961 First radio search - Drake's Project Ozma at NRAO

1960    Interstellar archaeology is born - Dyson sphere

1961    Optical signaling with lasers is practical

1961    SETI Hacker fiction by Hoyle and Elliot and later Carrigan and Carrigan (1970). Also scientific dialog, Ryle - 1976.

1962    Drake equation - a taxonomy for SETI factors

1964    Kardashev scale Kardashev scale

1964    Popularization of SETI search by Walter Sullivan

1966    First Dyson sphere search - Sagan and Walker

1967    Discovery of pulsars - Bell and Hewish

1971-1981 Project Cyclops

1974    Drake -SETI transmission

1971    Hydroxyl water hole frequency - Bernard Oliver

1972    Burgess, Hoagland, Sagan Pioneer plaques into space

1973    Anthropic conjecture - Carter

1973    First optical SETI search - Shvartsman, Wischnia

1979    SERENDIP started by Berkeley

1984    SETI Institute formed

1992-1995 Extrasolar planet searches come of age

1992  Lemarchand - Detectability of Extrasolar Technological Activities

1993    NASA cancels SETI work

1995 - 2004   SETI Institute's Project Phoenix at Arecibo

1995    Harvard's Beta all sky survey

1998    SETI@home starts

1999    Annis - observational limit on Kardashev Type III civilizations

2000    Ward and Brownlee Rare Earth

2001    SETI Institute Allen Telescope project starts

2002    SETI hacker conjecture

2008    Beech Rejuvenating the Sun ...

2009    IRAS Dyson sphere search published

2009    Allen Telescope first results

2009    Elements of life in exoplanet atmospheres

2009    Taxonomy of  Interstellar archaeology based in part on Lemarchand, Beech

2010    Five hundredth exoplanet discovered

2013    WISE G hat Search - Wright and colleagues

2016    Two thousandth exoplanet discovered