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Channeling Adv. Accel. Dyson/IA SETI Biography Bibliography

Starry Messages: Searching for Signatures of Interstellar Archaeology, Richard A. Carrigan, Jr., Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, 63, 90 -103(2010) [article appeared in the March, 2010 issue]. Also as FERMILAB-PUB-09-607-AD and astro-ph arXiv1001.5455 as a Fermilab preprint.

The IRAS-based Whole-Sky Upper Limit on Dyson Spheres, Richard A.
Carrigan, Jr.,
Astrophysical Journal 698  2075-2086 (2009). It is available online at

Searching For Dyson Spheres With Planck Spectrum Fits To IRAS, Richard A. Carrigan, Jr., IAC-04-IAA-, 55th International Astronautical Congress 2004 - Vancouver, Canada

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