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On HD 189733b 63 ly away

methane, water, CO, and carbon dioxide have already been observed (Swain, et al., ApJ 690, L114, (2009)). In addition high altitude haze and energy redistribution (wind) have been seen.

Signatures of life in exoplanet atmospheres

 Tinetti notes that the atmosphere for  exoplanet HD 189733b is "too hot for even the hardiest life … unlikely that cows could survive here!”
Giovanna Tinetti

Signs of intelligence in exoplanet atmospheres

in earth atmosphere CO2 up by 35% in industrial times

For interstellar archaeology want unique cultural signal

freons (chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs), but dumb?

“CFCs are a very interesting idea to look for advanced civilizations,"  per Lisa Kaltenegger. …need exceptionally sensitive telescope. It might be feasible "in the far future with a flotilla of infrared telescopes in space".