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Jose De La "O"


Chopping beam to your taste

This is the assembled 200-ohm kicker for MEBT Chopper. Photo Reidar Hahn

Grandes Felicitaciones!!! A la Nueva Sociedad de Hispanos Profecionales de Fermilab

"Visitenos a el laboratorio de Fermilab. Nuestra casa siempre esta abierta a el publico de las 8 de la maƱana hasta las 6 de la tarde..."

My Video of the Day!:

Fermilab's accelerators and how they fit into the laboratory's accelerator complex are described ---> (Click here for more information):

"Work Related Table......"


"And the other information...."


"Click on link below to watch video of the arrival of the g-2 magnet at Fermilab"

How does a Muon g-2 work?

"Click on link below to watch a video by Dr. Andrew Whitbeck"

Got a Minute? Detecting Dark Matter.

WWW http://home.fnal.gov/~delao/

My Video of the Day!:



See streaming video of - What You Re-Think Matters:

Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention at Fermilab


"Fermilab Science at Work Movie"


Notable Fermilab Friends and their WebPages:

Steve Baginski, Leo Bellantoni,Brian Drendel, Elliott McCrory, Peter Garbincius ,Aria Soha and Oliver Kiemschies

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