NuFact 03 Summer Institute

School in Session: May 27 through June 4


A Summer School is being organised to introduce researchers and students to both the particle and accelerator physics aspects of both a Neutrino Factory and high intensity conventional neutrino beams. This will take place in New York from Monday May 26th to Wednesday June 4th, 2003, at Shelter Island, off the northeast end of Long Island. This school, the second of its kind, is organized in conjunction with the 5th International Neutrino Factory Workshop, NuFact03 , which will take place at Columbia University in New York City the following week. The link to the NuFact02 Summer Institute can be found here

The dealine for registering is May 7 so avoid the rush and register now!

The School will be an excellent introduction to the NuFact03 Workshop and we expect that a large fraction of the attendees, both students and lecturers, will profit from the opportunity to attend the Workshop.

The schedule of the School is as follows:

  • May 26 early evening Bus from Brookhaven to Shelter Island
  • May 27 - May 31 Lectures
  • June 1 Day off to recuperate
  • June 2 - June 4 Lectures
  • June 4 afternoon Bus into New York City
  • June 5 NuFact03 Begins

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