NuFact 03 Summer Institute Registration

The dealine for registering has been extended! You can still register now!

Registration for the NuFact03 Summer Institute will include:
  • Transportation May 26 from Brookhaven National Lab to Shelter Island
  • Lodging for all 8 days of the school + 1 free day in the middle
  • Meals for the 8 days of the school
  • Transportation on June 4 from Shelter Island to Columbia University after the shool is over
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Cheerful Disposition of Lecturers

  • 500 USD per person for a shared double room (before May 1)
  • 950 USD per person for a single room
  • After May 1, prices increase by 50USD

Privacy and Security Notice

Debbie Harris <>
3 September 2002.