pbeam documentation

This page is a work in progress--pardon the present appearance!
First step: getting the code
first you have to setup CVS:
type "setup CVS"

and follow instructions on

but in summary, you can type in the following commands:

setenv CVS_RSH ssh
setenv CVSROOT :ext:minoscvs@minos1.fnal.gov:/cvs/minoscvs/rep1
then type
CVS checkout pbeam

Next step: what are the files you just received?
all you need to run pbeam are the following files:

pbeam.f (every piece of this code lives in one file)
linkit (the executable which compiles pbeam)
file.dat (the input file which pbeam reads)
horn_file.dat (the horn geometry file which is specified in file.dat)

where the latest and greatest geometry and horn files (as of August 10 2001) are called:

ph2al_oafar_h.dat (this is file.dat above)
horn_ph2alh.dat (this is horn_file.dat above)

You can find an evolving text file about pbeam and how to get it and how it works
You can find a description of the various options which you can set in the input file for pbeam Finally, you can look at pbeam plots to your heart's content by going to Debbie's pbeam results web page:
Deborah Harris
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