Dave Dykstra's Fermilab home page

I am employed in the Fermilab Computing Division Grid & Cloud Computing Department.

I am mainly working on software for the CMS detector of the LHC high-energy particle accelerator at CERN. In particular, I am doing development and support of Frontier which distributes "Conditions Data" around the world to wherever there are computing resources analyzing the CMS detector data. I also do some work on the ExTENCI project and support some software (especially glexec) for the Open Science Grid. I am also doing some investigations on the Advanced Networking Initiative 100-gbit testbed.

I volunteer for the Fermilab Public Arts & Lecture series organizational committee and chair the public lecture subcommittee.

I have a great interest in High Availability Linux which I worked with more in my previous job at CMC Electronics.

Before that I worked at Bell Labs where among other things I was the leader of the Exptools project and for a time was the maintainer of rsync while the author finished his PhD thesis (see "man rsync|tail 20").

My PhD is from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and my thesis was called Object-Oriented Hierarchies Across Protection Boundaries.

I participate regularly in the Bible Study group here at Fermilab called Bible Exploration for Lunch League. It meets every Tuesday from noon-1:00pm in the Quarium at Wilson Hall 8th floor, southwest corner. My favorite topic is the relationship of science & faith.

Here is my family home page.

For Fermilab ssh users, here is a page describing using SSH to web-browse behind the Fermilab firewall from outside the firewall.