BTeV Mechanical Design


This page lists general mechanical design information

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General Information

This section contains general information describing the current state of the mechanical design of the BTeV Detector

Mechanical Contacts

A list of some of the people working on the Mechanical Design of the BTeV Detector

pt - working on BTeV part time

E-mail Location Working on
Herman Cease cease@Fnal.gov Fermilab WH11W RICH Detector Engineering & Test Beam Mechanical Coordination
Ed Chi edchi@Fnal.gov Fermilab WH11W Muon Toroid & Straw Detector Engineering
Joe Howell howell@Fnal.gov Fermilab WH11W Straws, EM Calorimeter Engineering & Overall Mechanical Coordination
CM Lei cmlei@Fnal.gov Fermilab Lab A Pixel Detector Engineering
John Rauch (pt) jerauch@Fnal.gov Fermilab WH11E RICH Design & Overall Design Coordination
Alex Toukhtarov toukhtar@Fnal.gov Fermilab WH11W Pixel Detector & EM Calorimeter Engineering
Don Tousignant (pt) tousign@fnal.gov Fermilab WH11E Straw Detector Design
Mayling Wong (pt) mlwong@Fnal.gov Fermilab WH11W Beam Pipe & Vacuum System Engineering
Jim Catalanello (pt) catalan@Fnal.gov Fermilab WH11E Test Beam & General Design
John Krider (pt) krider@Fnal.gov Fermilab Lab 3 Straw Detector Engineering
Carl Lindenmeyer (pt) lindy@Fnal.gov Fermilab Lab 8 Pixel Detector Drive System
Terry Tope (pt) tope@Fnal.gov Fermilab WH11W Cooling and Gas System Engineering

Vertex,Toroid Magnets & Beam Pipe (1.1)

Pixels (1.2)

RICH (1.3)

EM Calorimeter(1.4)

Draft summary table of mechanical requirements (work in progress) MS word file




Installation & Integration(1.10)


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