Jonathan Asaadi's Personal homepage

I am currently an assistant professor with the University of Texas Arlington working on neutrino research utilizing Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers (LArTPC) experiments at Fermilab I am actively involved in the  commisioning and data analysis on the MicroBooNE experiment, I am currently studying neutral current pi zero interactions in data collected by the ArgoNeuT experiement, and am invovled in the running and data analysis of the LAr test-beam project LAriAT.

I did my post-doctoral research with Syracuse University working under professor Mitch Soderberg.

As a Ph.D. student with Texas A&M I worked on the Collider Detection at Fermilab (CDF) experiment at the Tevatron. Using the electromagnetic calorimeter timing system (EMTiming) we performed a unique search for Supersymmetry (SUSY) in the exclusive photon + missing transverse energy final state. (See my thesis here)

Outreach projects

In addition to my physics research and teaching I have been involved in a few different outreach projects both inside and outside of high energy physics

Snowmass Young Physicist Movement
- I am currently an orgainizing convener for the Snowmass Young Physicist Movement. This group is charged with bringing the concerns of young scientists to the long term planning process of high energy physics known as Snowmass.

Snowmass Young Physicists Science and Career Survey
arXiv: 1307.8080

  • Quantum Diaries
  • - I have been an active blogger on the Quantum Diaries website for the past 3 years. This blog is an outreach project of meant to be a conduit to the outside world of the life and times of scientists involved in various projects from around high energy physics
Public Outreach Talks
  • - I have given a few invited lectures to various high school's in the Mississippi river valley (near my hometown) about the science that goes on at Fermilab and my own career thus far in physics. An example version of my outreach talk from past lectures can be found here.
- As part of symmetry magazine's "Why particle physics matters" project I recorded a 1 minute video attempting to explain how particle physics has broader impacts and is an important resource. View my video below:

my research at a glance

Microboone Hardware 

- Wire Testing and Fabrication for the Collection Plane
- Time Projection Chamber construction
- Installation and Testsing of the MicroBooNE Wires
- Mock Wire Installation
- Testing and installation of the MicroBooNE Cold Electronics

Analysis Work
(ArgoNeuT & MicroBooNE)

- Neutral Current Pi0 Measurement in Liquid Argon
(ArgoNeuT Analysis)

Liquid argon software (LArSoft)

- Hit Finding Algorthim (Gauss Hit Finder)
- Vertex Finding Algorthim (Feature Vertex Finder)

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