This is my little storage wasting corner of FNAL. I will post some of my more useful (non-FNAL specific) utils within these pages. But first, a little introduction.

My name is Joe Klemencic and I work in the Computer Security Team as the Fermilab Computer Security Coordinator here at the Lab.

OK, enough intros. On to the goods. Nothing fancy:


Source Code can be found at

Identify Windows file types:

Hex dump of Windows files:

Dump Windows 2003 Server IPSEC Filters:

Scan for MS04-007 (828028) Vulnerability:

Microsoft Software Update Service (SUS) Reporting Tool:

PKCS12 (PFX) Certificate Import Utility:

Log IE URL Mouse Overs:

Convert Text to either Upper or Lower Case:

Enumerate active connections to your drive shares:

Enumerate User Account and Password Age:

Display connected users to a machine:

List users connected to a Terminal Server/RDP Server:

Papers and Presentations

FNAL Security Awareness Day (March 8, 2005) Presentation
    Dangers of Spyware and Phishing    Watch the entire video!

FNAL Security Awareness Day (March 8, 2005) mini demos
    Setting up WRQ to run SSH & Kerberos   video demo
    Using Internet Explorer Zones   video demo
    Identifying Open Ports on Windows   video demo
    Identifying Open Ports on Linux   video demo

Windows IP Security (IPSEC) Filters:
    SecurityFocus Article (part 1)
    SecurityFocus Article (part 2)
    FNAL HEPNT Powerpoint Presentation
    FNAL HEPNT  Lecture

Some steps to secure Terminal Services on Windows 2000:
    FOCUS-MS Archive 

Published Wireless Articles:
    Wireless Networks Guest Feature
    Wireless Networks Feature Article

GIAC Certification Paper:
    The Flat-Footed Hacker

Configuring Windows 2003/IIS 6.0 for use with Patchlink in the Fermilab environment

MSI Deployment via Active Directory

I also did some technical editing and chapter additions in Carolyn Meinel's book Uberhacker II