Available Releases

Mapping files for various configuration

These must be placed in "CMSSW_0_x_y/src" for the code to work (see the HOWTO for more details).



  1. You will need a working area of CMSSW. You only need to make a working area once. For example, if your login name was "fred":
  2. Next, copy all the files in the CMSSWPlotAll package to a personal working area. This could be CMSSW_0_7_2/src or another directory. Note that all mapping files and pedestal files should be placed in CMSSW_0_7_2/src
  3. Now, you can edit the "reco_setup.rc" file to select the appropriate map file for the data you are interested in, and to specify a pedestal file or gains file if you have one to use. You may have to edit runCMSSWReco.sh in certain cases (to change which samples are pulled from the file, etc.)


  1. Before you do anything, you must go to "CMSSW_0_7_2/src" and run
  2. There are different scripts to reconstruct from HCALdaq files or from centrally-produced CMSSSW files.
  3. To plot:
      root[0] .x PlotAll.C
    Then, "Load POOL File" on the file you want. You can then make plots from the menu.

    Hint: Try the visual selector! You can double click on a cell to get a plot of the values for that cell.

To Adjust Plotting

For more information and support: E. Dahlman, A. Kubik, and J. Mans