Donna Kubik

"Hibiscus with Plumeria" -Georgia O'Keeffe


mini bio

"Pick a flower on earth, and you move the farthest star." -Paul Dirac

"To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else." -Emily Dickinson

"The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience." -Emily Dickinson

"Cosmic Microwave Background" presented to NIU Introductory Astronomy classes, October, 2014

My Summer Vacation and the Cosmic Microwave Background (pptx) My Summer Vacation and the Cosmic Microwave Background (pdf)

"Topology & Cosmology" presented at Rolfsenfest, a topology conference honoring my brother, Dale Rolfsen

Topology & Cosmology (pptx) Topology & Cosmology (pdf)

I used Jean Dubuffet's work as examples of 2D and 3D structures in my Rolfsenfest presentation.

Magically, I stumbled upon an exhibit of Jean Dubuffet's art at CDG airport on my way home from the conference:

Short movie of the Dubuffet exhibit

"Review of the first 1.5 years at the Fermilab Millikelvin Facility" presented to the Fermilab Detector Development Group

Fermilab Millikelvin Facility (ppt)

"MKIDs" The structure of the UCSB MKID

UCSB MKID Part 1 (pdf) UCSB MKID Part 2 (pdf)

"Boron-coating" presented at a DAMIC meeting

Boron coating for CCDs (ppt) Boron coating for CCDs (pdf)

"Strong Gravitational Lensing Systems found in the SDSS" (Master's thesis, Physics, NIU)

Table of Contents All Chapters

"Modeling 1/f Noise in HEMTs using PSpice" (Master's thesis, EE, Binghamton University)


Lecture presented to the NAA (Naperville Astronomical Association)

The Exciting Microwave Background

Summer lecture series presentation on Astrophysics at Fermilab

Astrophysics at Fermilab (ppt)

Nature's Telescope (Lecture given to advanced astrophysics class at NIU)

Nature's Telescope

Dark Energy Survey (DES)

Presentation on DES (pdf) Presentation on DES (ppt)

Top Ten Questions from the Naperville Astronomers

Top Ten (pdf)

Microwave measurements: Lab reports

Spectrum Analyzer Lab

Fun things to notice in the movie, "The Dish"

The Dish (ppt)

The Dish (pdf)

QUIET notes

Notes from visit to JPL (ppt) Notes from visit to JPL (pdf)

QUIET Wirebond testing

Wire bond testing results (doc)


Masers (ppt)


Fermilab (pdf)

CESR (pdf)

UW Van de Graaff (pdf)

UW Neutron Therapy Cyclotron (pdf)


CCDs (as optical and particle detectors) (pdf)

Cosmic Rays

UHECR (pdf)

Single Dish Summer School

polarization calibration (pdf)

Radio, Millimeter wave, and Submillimeter telescopes (A presentation given to an introductory astronomy class at NIU)

Long wavelength telescopes (ppt)

The Sun (A presentation given to an introductory astronomy class at NIU)

The Sun

ESD safety Donna's presentation

ESD safety (pdf) ESD safety (ppt)


Designer zip file

QUIET rotating wire grid and rotating dielectric movies

movie of dielectric sheet rotating movie of sparse wiregrid rotating

End of season QUIET calibrations

Telescopes in the Atacama Desert and QUIET end of season calibrations

EDIT 2012 Images showing cosmic rays and xrays

CCD FITS image with lots of cosmic rays CCD FITS image with lots of cosmic rays and xrays from Fe55 exposure