Fluxes Used For 2015 CDR


Each file linked below contains fluxes for the near detector (ND) located 459 m downstream of the start of Horn 1 and the far detector (FD) located 1297 km downstream of the start of Horn 1. There are fluxes for both neutrino mode (FHC) and antineutrino mode (RHC). Each flux is available in three different formats -- a .root file containing flux histograms, a _RIK.root file that is the same as the regular root file, but histograms have been smoothed where possible for input to the Fast MC, and a GLoBES flux input file.

The fluxes were generated with G4LBNE version v3r3p6 or similar. The files also contain NC and CC spectra, which were obtained by multiplying the flux by GENIE 2.8.4 inclusive cross sections.

The GLoBES files have units of nus / GeV / m^2 / POT; the columns of those files correspond to the neutrino energy at bin center, nue flux, numu flux, nutau flux, nuebar flux, numubar flux, nuebar flux. The histograms have units of nus / m^2 / POT.

The beam labeled "reference beam" throughout the CDR" is the 80 GeV, 204 x 4 m DP version of the Reference Beam below. If you are looking for a DUNE flux, and aren't sure which one to use, you probably want that one.

Reference Beam

Enhanced Reference (Cylindrical Be Target)

Optimized Beam

Perfect Focused (with Reference Target)