DUNE Fluxes


Fluxes are available in two basic formats: dk2nu ntuples that contain information about all neutrinos generated in the beamline, and neutrino energy histograms that were obtained from the ntuples. The ntuples have large file sizes and are therefore generally only available to DUNE collaborators with access /pnfs/dune/persistent area at Fermilab.

Each histogram file linked below contains fluxes for the near detector (ND) located 574 m downstream of the start of Horn 1 and the far detector (FD) located 1297 km downstream of the start of Horn 1. There are fluxes for both neutrino mode (FHC) and antineutrino mode (RHC). Each flux is available in two different formats -- a .root file containing flux histograms and a GLoBES flux input file. The fluxes were generated with various patches of G4LBNF version v3r5; the specific version is in the filenames. The files also contain NC and CC spectra, which were obtained by multiplying the flux by GENIE 2.8.4 inclusive cross sections. The GLoBES files have units of nus / GeV / m^2 / POT; the columns of those files correspond to the neutrino energy at bin center, nue flux, numu flux, nutau flux, nuebar flux, numubar flux, nuebar flux. The histograms have units of nus / m^2 / POT. POT estimates assume 1.1e21 POT/year at 120 GeV, and scale to other proton momenta based on PIP estimates available in the CDR (Volume 2, Table 3.1).

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Optimized 3-Horn Design with 1.5 m target (most up to date)

Optimized 3-Horn Design presented at Oct 2017 Beam Optimization Review and to be used in DUNE TDR (Most Up To Date)

Fluxes presented at Feb 2017 DOE IPR

Tau Optimized Flux

3-Horn Optimized Design used for BOTF Final Report

3-horn Optimized Design Used for BOTF Interim Report and NDTF Final Report

High Energy Configuration (Numi-Style Horns)