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November 21

My First Log Entry

Today I setup my elog. Here is my first entry.

Wrote and added a ROOT macro in fwLite to starter kit. The macro is sk_fwlite_JetMuonPhotonMETTrack.C and produces the plots that are OutputOf_sk_fwlite_JetMuonPhotonMETTrack.png (enable gStyle->SetOptStat(111111) at ROOT prompt)

Wrote and added another ROOT macro in fwLite to starter kit. The macro is sk_fwlite_MuonPtPxPyPzEtaPhi.C and it produces the plots for Muon Pt,Eta and Phi as shown in Muon_Pt_Phi_Eta.png. Plots of Muon Pt computed from Px, Py and Pz (see the macro for the formula) and also Px,Py,Pz are shown in Muon_PtFromPxPyPz_and-Px_Py_Pz.pngCompare this Pt to Pt above. They should be identical and this is the case.

November 24

Announcement of the comprehensive PAT tutorial. The link for registration is starter kit.

Played with some of the muon variables defined in PAT layer 1. The variables are

hist_muPt->Fill( muon[i].pt() );

The plot is here

November 25

Trying to figure out how MC and trigger information is used in PAT object. Sal replied that they are on by default see here

Steven Lowette said that it is documented here and here

Note that both features might require you to configure certain parts for your analysis, especially the trigger matching which is very analysis specific.

November 26

If one wants to put cuts on, for example on pT, Eta, No. of muons in an event, one can put the following kind of snippet in the python script and have only such muons written to your skim file

# input pat sequences

process.selectedLayer1Muons.cut =  cms.string('pt > 30. & abs(eta) < 2.1')
process.minLayer1Muons.minNumber =cms.uint32(5)
process.maxLayer1Muons.maxNumber =cms.uint32(5)

The default file having muon pT,eta selction cuts is at here The default files for other objects like Jets, taus, Photons are here

The plot with muon with no pT cut and with pT>30 GeV are below

pT > 0 GeV

pT > 30 GeV

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