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Patricia McBride is a Distinguished Scientist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the former director of the Fermilab Particle Physics Division. She also led Fermilab’s scientific computing program as deputy head of the laboratory’s Computing Division from 2007-2011. She is currently the Deputy Spokesperson for the CMS Collaboration at CERN.

Dr. McBride is a collaborator on the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland and has been a leader of the Fermilab effort on CMS. She managed the U.S. CMS Operations Program that oversees the U.S. contributions to the CMS experiment and coordinated the commissioning of the fifty computer centers worldwide that provide large scale computing resources for the international CMS collaboration.

She received her B.S. degree in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University and her PhD in Physics from Yale University. She served as chair of the Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society (APS) and was a member of the APS Public Policy Committee. She also chaired the U.S. Liaison Committee of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) and served as Chair of the IUPAP C11 Commission for Particles and Fields. She was a Vice President of the IUPAP Executive Council and was elected an APS Fellow and an AAAS Fellow in 2009. She has served as a member of a number of other international committees.

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Current research and professional activities:

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Selected previous activities and committees:

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Selected Reports and Papers:

  • APS Task Force on Expanding International Engagement (November 2018) A Report by the Task Force on Expanding International Engagement (Summary in APS News)
  • The Snowmass 2013 Proceedings (FERMILAB-CONF-13-648, SLAC-PUB-15960) Planning the Future of U.S. Particle Physics (Summary)
  • European Strategy Physics Briefing Book  (January 2013 -- CERN-ESG-005) Input for the Strategy Group to draft the update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics (PDF)
  • Observation of a new boson at a mass of 125 GeV with the CMS experiment at the LHC  (July 2012 -- Phys. Lett. B 716 (2012) 30)
  • ILC Reference Design (2007) Report and the Executive Summary
  • HEPAP Subpanel Report (February 1998 -- DOE/ER-0718) Planning for the Future of U.S. High-Energy Physics (PDF)
  • Proceedings of the Workshop on B Physics at Hadron Accelerators (February 1993 -- SSSL-SR-1223/Fermilab-CONF-93/267) Proceeding of Snowmass 1993 Workshop (PDF)
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