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Sergei Nagaitsev

Head of Accelerator Science Programs, Fermilab

Professor (Part Time), Department of Physics and Enrico Fermi Institute, The University of Chicago

Contact Info

Short Biography

Education and Training

Postdoctoral Appointment, 1995 - 1998, Fermilab

PhD Accelerator Physics, 1995, Indiana University, Bloomington

BS Physics, 1989, Novosibirsk University, Novosibirsk, Russia


Professional Experience

2018 - present      Head of Accelerator Science Programs, Fermilab - Office of Accelerator Science

2015 - present      Professor Part-time, The University of Chicago - Accelerator Physics

2013 - 2018      Chief Accelerator Officer, Fermilab -  Accelerator Division

Committees and Honors


2019: Chair-Elect of the Division of Physics of Beams (APS)

2015: Dieter Moehl Medal (sponsored by CERN)

2014: Chair, APS Robert R. Wilson Prize committee

2009: Chair, USPAS Prize Committee

2007: US Particle Accelerator School Prize for Achievement in Accelerator Physics and Technology

2006: APS Fellow (Division of Physics of Beams)

1998 - 2001: Wilson Fellow, Fermilab


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S. Nagaitsev and V. Lebedev, A Cost-Effective Rapid-Cycling Synchrotron, Reviews of Accelerator Science and Technology, Vol. 10 (2018) 1-22, World Scientific Publishing Company, DOI: 10.1142/S1793626818001450

V. Lebedev, A. Burov, and S. Nagaitsev, Efficiency versus instability in plasma accelerators, Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 20, 121301 (2017).

T. Zolkin, S. Nagaitsev, and V. Danilov, Rotation number of integrable symplectic mappings of the plane, arXiv:1704.03077.

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S.A. Antipov, S. Nagaitsev and A. Valishev, Single-particle dynamics in a nonlinear accelerator lattice: attaining a large tune spread with octupoles in IOTA, Journal of Instrumentation, Volume 12, April 2017.

S.A. Antipov et al., IOTA (Integrable Optics Test Accelerator): facility and experimental beam physics program, Journal of Instrumentation, Volume 12, March 2017.

S. Webb, D. Bruhwiler, A. Valishev, S. Nagaitsev, and V. Danilov, "Chromatic and Dispersive Effects in Nonlinear Integrable Optics", arXiv:1504.05981

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A. Burov, S. Nagaitsev, and Ya. Derbenev, "Circular modes, beam adapters, and their applications in beam optics", Phys. Rev. E 66, 016503 (2002)

T. Ellison, S. Nagaitsev, M. Ball, D. Caussyn, M. Ellison, and B. Hamilton, "Attainment of space-charge dominated beams in a synchrotron", Phys. Rev. Lett. 70, 790 (1993)


Contact Information

Sergei Nagaitsev
Fermilab MS306
Batavia, IL 60510
630-840-4552 - Fax
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