TOPDRAWER by Stephen Parke

TD Information and Examples:

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Executables: (tar.gz files)

MAC OS X: (tar.gz files)
TD:Mac OS X intel 64 bit executable -- for Mojave (10.14) to ???
(Requires some libraries from gcc to be installed, see HPC Mac OS X .
gcc-8.3 was used to compile this version of topdrawer,
but earlier versions of gcc libraries may also work.)
TD:Mac OS X intel executable -- for High Sierra (10.13) and earlier
TD:Mac OS X G4 executable
Special thanks to Greg Mahlon, PennState, Mont Alto, for his fabulous help to compile the Topdrawer code on Mac OS X.
Linux: (tar.gz files) from Greg Mahlon
TD:linux 64 bit executable
TD:linux 32 bit executable