Ranjan Dharmapalan

Office: WAT-312
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
2505 Correa Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Email: ranjan AT fnal.gov


I am an experimental particle physicist working on neutrino physics. Currently, I am analysing data collected by the ProtoDUNE experiment at CERN and developing tools for the eventual DUNE experiment.

Before coming to Hawaii, I was a research associate at the HEP Division in Argonne National Laboratory working on detector R&D and neutrino physics. I was part of the Instrumentation group working to develop the next-generation of ultra-fast high resolution photo-detectors. These micro-channel plate based PMTs have pico-second timing resolution and sub-millimeter position resolution. Our group has made working prototypes as an offshoot of the LAPPD project.

I also worked with the neutrino group on NOvA neutrino experiment on the NuMI beamline at Fermilab. My primary interest was the study of off-axis mostly kaon-produced neutrinos from the BNB neutrino beam at the NOvA near detector.

For my Ph.D. I worked on the MiniBooNE experiment, where I measured the antineutrino neutral-current elastic cross section. Read about it in Fermilab News.

Towards the end of my graduate research, along with my colleagues and theorists, we proposed a search for low-mass dark matter at a neutrino experiment with the MiniBooNE detector. We collected data for 9 months and recently published our first results in Phys. Rev. Letters. Here is a brief article I wrote for Fermilab News.

Here is my CV, inSPIRE profile and list of publications.