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Welcome to the
Web Site of David J. Ritchie.

In 1994, I became the first webmaster of
Fermilab's, newly created, official web site.

After SLAC's pioneering efforts in December 1991,
a number of web sites were created at Fermilab for:

  • the Online Systems Department (,
  • the Computing Division (,
  • a data acquistion system document server (, and
  • others with names not recorded by this author.
Then, in January 1994 - March 1994
came the development of the official Fermilab site
with its launch in April 1994
coincident with the announcement of the
first evidence for the top quark.

Let us celebrate the Tenth Anniversary
of the first U.S. web site at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
recognizing the world to be a much different place
as a result of the invention and rapid deployment
of this technology through organizations such as SLAC.

As part of the celebration, I was invited to give a talk on Bringing the Web to Fermilab at the The Once and Future Web symposium held December 3-4, 2001 at SLAC. (The link to the talk has the main part of the presentation. The "exhibits" of original documents from my files and other sources are not present at this point. The acknowledgements are also not present. Both were separate slides and will be added.

As evidence of how different my world is, I invite you to follow these links.

David J. Ritchie (a long time ago)

Currently, I am working on D0 Experiment's software release procedures.
Previously, in association with the people on CDF's Silicon VerteX (SVX) detector project, I developed a database to track the assembly of the detector along with a web front end to the database.
Here is a link to a picture of real tracks
as detected by the SVX detector
as evidence of the project's success.
Cool Tracks
Since ~1997, I have been working the after-school computer clubs in several of the local middle schools to teach Perl to interested students. This has resulted in a document called "Pearls of Perl" and other related materials.
Pearls of Perl
Since 1995, I've been the volunteer webmaster
for a modern dance company in Chicago.
Winifred Haun & Dancers
Here are some ancient links showing my early involvement
with the web pre-dating even my Fermilab webmaster activities--including a paper with significant recording of early web history submitted to the AusWeb95, the First Australian World Wide Web Conference held at the end of April, 1995, in Ballina, NSW, Australia.
My Ancient Activities

Collaborating over the Web: Libraries and Laboratories

Here are some of my other web interests.
My Other Web Interests