William C. Wester

Associate Scientist  
Fermilab   (At Work) 
Particle Physics Division/Engineering and Technical Teams 
Electrical Support/ASIC Group 
MS 222 PO Box 500 Batavia IL 60510 
Office Location: WH14E 
Internet Address: wester@fnal.gov 
Office Phone: 630-840-2113 
Pager: 630-314-8240 

CDF II LogoCollider Detector at Fermilab CDF 

APEX logoAntiproton Lifetime Experiment APEX 


Research Interests:

Reconstruction of exclusive B hadron states  Silicon Strip Detectors
Rare B decays  Pixel Detector Concept for CDFII
Search for antiproton decay ASICs for High Energy Physics
Linear Collider Physics

Current Responsibilites:

CDFII Upgrade: SVXII Project

ASIC R&D Projects

Transceiver and DDR chip testing FPIX1 testing

Previous Responsibilites:

CDFII Upgrade: Central Outer Tracker, COT -- wire plane construction 
Wire planes for the COT were manufactured by the technical skill of the staff at Lab 6 under the direction of Karen Kephart. The wire plane packets consist of two printed circuit boards separated by approximately 10 feet. Traces on each board are connected electrically by 29 gold-plated tungsten wires that span the separation. The wires are attached to the boards with epoxy and solder. The manufacture involved a high degree of mechanical precision to control accurrately both the wire position and wire tension. 
CDF SVX: Wafer Scale Testing of the SVX readout integrated circuit 
The SVX readout integrated circuit is a custom designed chip that was used to read out the SVX silicon strip detector. A chips on a 40 wafer production run were tested for functionalilty and characterization. With these chips and other preproduction testing of the first radiation hardened devices, over 1 million channels of read out circuitry were tested. Parts of the wafer scale test setup and some of the control software is still in use today as this system continues to wafer scale test the most recent versions of the SVX chip. 
CDF SVX and SVX': Port Card 
The original port card was a thick film multi-layered ceramic hybrid circuit board used both on the SVX and SVX' detectors during Run IA and Run IB. The board served as an interface between the SVX readout integrated circuit and the data acquisition system. The board was manufactured at Promex Inc.


Education Outreach: Ferminews Mar 22, 1996

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