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C-parameter (normalized to E)

Definition of the observable

The $ C$-parameter, $ C_E$

$\displaystyle C_E = \frac{3}{2} \frac{\sum_{a,b \in {\cal H}_{\mathrm{C}}}\vert...
...ab}}{\left (\sum_{i \in {\cal H}_{\mathrm{C}}} \vert\vec{p_i}\vert\right)^2}\>,$ (8)

this observable has been studied in [4].

Born event used for the analysis

The hard scale (Q) is taken to be photon virtuality.

Elementary tests on the observable

Test result
check number of jets T
all legs positive T
globalness F

Since this observable is non-global, the analysis has not been continued. Since this observable is discontinuosly global, multiple emission effects have not been computed.

Collection of automatically generated results

Cpr_E.tar.gz collects all files produced automatically by Caesar.

Giulia Zanderighi 2004-11-19